Friday, May 31, 2013

Gradually lost

I lost my memories even for a simple things,
I lost my ability to stay up late.
I lost my appetite drastically.
If ate more or even less, I seriously got sick.
My body ache everywhere.
I fell asleep more often.

Am I getting older?
Yes, my gray hair started to grow.
But I didn't see any wrinkles.

Maybe, it is just my time to lost all that,
and learn to appreciate every single things I've got.
When I lost it, I'll never get it back.
When I completely lost everything.
What I have is only my 'amalan'

p/s : I'm trying to prepare for the time.
I'm trying to learn to accept and endure.
I'm trying to be a better person for dunia and akhirat.
I'll be coming to the day.
I'll go through the days happily and peacefully
without counting it.
But I'll do my best to gain my pahala like
there is no tomorrow.

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