Friday, April 27, 2012

Go through the memories



Going to archive message.
no other name.
Just you, your message.
I keep till today.
Its not that I remember you as a lover.
I just love the way you gave me advises.

Look through the archive.
No more love letter.
Just the words that make me alive.
You tell me how to get along with changes.
You tell me how to go through life.
And you hope that I'll follow it.
Because you, it was what your dad tells you.

Read through it.
Knowing you love me that much.
Not by the words "I Love You"
But by how you want me to live better

Back to reality.
My cellphone is silent.
No more motivating words
No more long messages
No more nice words.
No more advice.
Just a 'hey' from my friends

Back to my sense.
I must learn how to live without it.
I must make my own words.
How I miss someone will give me even one advice.
Cause now I'm living with what I have.

P/S : thanks. I'll remember it forever.

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