Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When Love Turns To Regret



People always say 'I LOVE YOU'.
They thought they know what love is. They thought they know that they will be with their lover forever after. Ouh, whatever.

Love. I don't even know what the hell is that. I don't even understand. Does love is when you feel like you like him/her so damn much? Like you can't stand still, without looking at him/her even for a single day only?  Is it all that matter? Easy then..

I feel very scared of love which is then turns to regret. Have you hear this kind of statement?
- Ouh, if only I knew that he/she is not that kind of person i thought before. I wouldn't be in love with him/her.
- Ouh, if only I knew I will be dumped, I would rather being single than be in love with him/her.

Cut that craps dude! You use to love him/her. Why should you regret. You should be thanked you have those experience. You learn in each steps you've taken. Even it is wrong. You should learn it. Not that you put the blame on them. We all people. We do mistakes. If it's not now, it may happen anytime perhaps.

When love turns to regret.
We have burn the true meaning of love.
We have darken the pure love.

You know that TRUE LOVE is powerful.
Yes, just see it when Allah gives us everything we want.
Even we've done so many sinful things. But He still. Love and forgive us.

If Allah's love brings to forgiveness. Why don't we?
Don't we should forgive him/her who may broke our heart and give them lessons that they should not do the same thing to others?
Yes. Just stop being fussy of everything that happen which may have the reason why.

Allah knows better.

Just keep the LOVE remain pure in the eyes of ISLAM.

We need love. We do. Seriously.
Don't ever turns the love into regrets.
Just let bygone be bygone. No need to sigh all the time.

p/s :  love is beautiful if we knows how to appreciate and how to make it remain pure.

nota ♥ : aku masih belum bersedia dengan cinta baru. Khuatir akan melukakan lagi seperti dahulu.

..Amilia Ami..

1 comment:

Ramona Alice said...

being in love is never a regret to me. it teach me how various love is.

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