Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Believe me

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Hey everyone, Im here. (sorry my short story haven't finish yet as I really not in mood to talk about that).

Yesterday. urghh it always about yesterday. Well, what else can we talk about, if not the past..

I wish I would be strong to make my first step,
I wish I could make my life colourful.
I wish I would get everything I wish for..
But it will certainly impossible without you.
You gave me the support to start my first step.
Everything you do, always makes my life colourful.
And because of you I do get what I wish.
This time we met each other, laugh and care for each other.
But believe me, one day, I may not be with you 4eva.
But I hope I could.
In your heart always.

_miss A_

Well, those are what I said (which are full of grammatical error) to my lucky friends.
What I'm trying to say is, I thanked them and really appreciate the bond between us. That is how I value our friendship.

Guess what.
Just this simple and non-understandable sentence, it brings a lot of meaning towards them.
Imagine how many responses I get from them.
Some, may understand what I'm really trying to say.
But some have their own point of view.

Some thought that I love them and want to confess. (for the guys)
And they trying to make it sure by asking me directly (so sweet and honest) . What?! =.='''
and I really felt guilty, as I thought I've hurt their heart.

Some thought that I was talking nonsense
because there's a word talk about death.
And they try to make me realize that everything is Allah's will.

Some thought that I still can't cope with the environment in UM.
With seniors in my college, and especially seniors in CG (Cahaya Gemilang)

Some give an advice that I have to be strong to face this world.
And they will always there for me.

This come a conclusion that, not everything we say will bring the same meaning as we wish for, to those who receive it. (you know what I mean right?)

Hahaha. And this case also makes me thing that, I am really bad in what we call 'ayat berbunga-2' or 
'ayat sastera gilee'
hey, of course it is. 
That's not really my business.
Plus, It not even my field.
BUT~ *there's a but here
I just love literature soooo damn much! (especially Shakespeare's)

Making those twisted and weird words is my enthusiasm.
Take a note on that honeey~

Well, I'm not saying that their responses is not accepted and it is a mistake. Please don't get me wrong.
I just admire, that humans are really complex and special.

These show that we, humans, do think! And those thought (from them), do gave me a lot of advantages.
Thus, makes me appreciate them EVEN MORE!
My friends are honest. They love me as I love them too.
They do care about me.
And I am lucky to have them all.

So, believe me that you are really not alone.
Believe me that just a few words, it can have so many meaning.
Believe me that not everyone can really understand what you  mean. So, do think before you speak up.
Believe me that some of you may not or misunderstand with what I'm saying in this entry.

Sekian. Thats all from me thank you (like Im giving a speech)

p/s : I believe I can fly. You? in bahasa >> saya percaya saya boleh terbang. Anda bagaimana?

p/s (2) : saya bukan nak bajet terer speaking london plak kat sini. Bukan bermaksud saya menjadikan bahasa melayu sebagai bahasa picisan.. peace! =)

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