Monday, January 31, 2011


no one knows when we will be free from the obstacles
of course we wont,, unless we were away from this world..
dont be so sure... maybe.. we will face another obstacle..who knows~
  (mood bertukar serius)

smlm... mb one of my pathetic day...
not that yg ak tak BERSYUKUR tapi.. apa yg ak lalui semalam mmg pathetic...

hurmmmm.. smalam hujan and of course sgt2 la sejuk..
and! the most important thing is my headache menyerang lagi macam byase...
but this one is too much... ak smpai takley nk wat pape...just baring and hold my head....
but im really risau pasal kje tak siap.. so i try to wake up.. tapi
sakitnya.. perh... Allah jew yg tau...
my headache keep continue smpai la satu tahap aku mmg rasa nk termuntah sgt2.
then, on that cold evening.. ak pown pegi la mndi.. and try to muntah...
ak jolok tekak ak.. smpai rase nk nangis..

UNFORTUNATELY that muntah tak keluar jugak.. yg kuar is.. a little bit darah..
maybe i was too hard when i jolok my tekak.. hahahah
but then, its okey... hurmm. smpai nak kering ank tekak ney ak ludah2.. 
but at least lega sikit..
and i thought it will be okay..
its still hurt me..
my headache keep continue...
even i've telan those ubat called
then,, i thought... if ak layan jugak.. im not going to be okay.. so ak wat bodoh jew... tron g makan.. to make me forget my headache for a while....

and now its still there.. but not as hurt as yesterday..

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